Has your computer room become a "rat's nest" of cable? Or do you need a new data room? Parsons Communications can plan, design, and implement the required solution you need. We will take into account the necessary industry standards, building environment, and any plans for future expansion.

Parsons Communications has almost 20 years of experience with cable installation. We install all categories of Twisted Pair cable up to Category 6a, as well as Fiber Optic
Racking your equipment will help you utilize available space most efficiently. Parsons Communications will provide racking solutions, along with a design print to help you visualize the final installed product.
Parsons Communications installs numerous styles of surface raceway or overhead cable runways, which are often a desired solution for cable installations in older buildings, schools, or computer rooms.
Cabling Components
Your existing cable structures may be of useful service, but may not meet current code specifications. Parsons Communications will complete, reconfigure, or repair any existing cable structure that needs attention. We install patch panels, wall outlets, racks, or just about any other cabling component.
Cable Testing Services
A cable structure that meets current standards is critical to the overall performance of your network. Parsons Communications uses the latest cable scanning equipment to test both copper and fiber optic cable to make sure your network will perform at its best!
Cable Repair
If you are in need of cable repair, our professional technicians will determine where and why your data or telephone cabling is not performing optimally and make the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently.
Data/Voice Network Cabling
Category 3, 5e, 6, 6a
Main and Intermediate Distribution Frames
End-to-End Copper Cabling Solutions

Fiber Optic Cabling
Multimode 50 & 62.5 & Singlemode
Fusion Splicing

Paging Systems
ValCom and Bogen Public Address
One-Way and Talkback Systems